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Whoever said that nothing in life comes free… has evidently never worked with SGA Business Videos & Events.

We’re sure you’re used to seeing phrases such as ‘free consultation’ or ‘no obligation call’ on supplier websites – in fact we use this wording ourselves.

But we want to go one step further and offer something a little more meaningful to businesses across Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex. That’s why we’ve launched our free business advice line – a new service designed to provide businesses just like yours with free advice on your video marketing ventures.

Free Advice on Video Marketing for Businesses

Our new advice line is open for both new and existing clients, and gives you half an hour to pick our brains about any aspect of video marketing or live events you have questions about.

Whether you are considering producing an advertising video for your business, need to create a series of video testimonials, product demos or HR, recruitment or training video, we’re here to share our 30+ years of experience and answer questions such as:

  • What’s the best way for me to drive sales using video marketing?
  • How much should I budget for client testimonial videos?
  • Will Vox Pops work for my business?
  • What should I include in my video?
  • How can I use video to engage my employees?
  • How can I get the most from my event using video?
  • How long should my video be?
  • Do I even need video for my business?

Of course we can already tell you the answer to that last one – yes! All businesses can benefit from video, yet not all businesses understand how.

We’ve worked with a huge range of organisations over the years; from car retailers, medical product manufacturers and law firms to government organisations and charities; helping them to drive sales, engage employees and win hearts and minds.

Providing businesses with creative, strategic solutions that enable them to achieve their goals is something we pride ourselves on – and our clients agree that it’s something we do very well.

But we don’t want to keep this knowledge to ourselves.

So whatever your questions, queries or concerns are when it comes to video marketing, or if you’d like our honest opinion on your current business videos and how they can be improved, feel free to ask us here at SGA.

There really is no obligation and the advice we give is 100% designed to help your business, and not satisfy our own agendas.

Whether you take up our services or decide to go it alone, we see it as part of our duty to share our knowledge of what it takes to succeed in today’s often crowded marketplace – enabling your digital marketing and engagement videos, presentations or corporate events to stand out and deliver great results.

Get some expert insider info on video marketing and take advantage of our free business video helpline – call 01787 378422 today!

Vox pops interviews

Vox pop interviews: dead or alive?

Anyone stopped you in the street recently asking for your opinion? No?

The humble vox pop may have been criticised of late and accused of only featuring polarised views in order to create catchy headlines – but this isn’t a view we share at SGA Video & Events!

This recent backlash is primarily centred on the use of vox pops in political reporting, yet we felt it our duty to demonstrate how they not only still have a place in video marketing, but can be a great addition to many campaigns…

User-generated content

The rise of the vlogger and user-generated content that means people are now very familiar with the concept of giving their opinion on camera and sharing it for all to see. And as a selfie-generation, we are no longer filled with dread or concern at the sight of a camera coming towards us.

This is something that businesses can use to their advantage…

Take a look at the recent vox pop footage we shot for one of our clients to support their #TransparencyCharter campaign – a great example that is currently being shared far and wide on social media:



So, what exactly is a vox pop?

“Vox pop” is an abbreviation of vox populi which is Latin for “the voice of the people”

Essentially, Vox pops are short interview segments filmed with random, targeted members of the public.

Journalists have used them for decades as they are a great way to add new perspectives and different viewpoints to a report. Businesses who ask us to conduct vox pops on their behalf recognise this also – and understand the various ways in which they can be used to promote their business both internally and externally.

Why are they useful?

There’s a reason why vox pops have been favoured for many years by the media, and they can be used to various ends, including:

·         Influencing decision-makers

·         Getting commentary on events

·         Stimulating debate

·         Promoting a new service or product

Businesses can use vox pops for all of the above, as well as:

·         Gathering testimonials from the general public or from employees at events

·         Gathering good quotes / soundbites (street polls)

·         Quickly gather footage for social media campaigns

·         Reviewing products and services


Benefits of Vox Pops

People are switched on to blatant marketing manipulation these days and can be cynical. A vox pop provides the real voice of the people.

Creative & Entertaining
With the right techniques, the Great British Public can be a ready store very watchable and unexpected content that helps break up footage and brings new ‘life’ to marketing videos. They’re often lively as contributors are caught ‘on the hop’.

Genuine feedback
A vox pox is unscripted and contributors are unprompted and will provide viewers with a genuine opinion.

Minimal equipment required
With no studio set up involved, a discreet camera and good mic is all that is needed.

Because of reasons above. No overheads in hiring a studio, actors etc. No need for participants to travel.

Less bias
Vox Pops can actually reduce selection bias when used in surveys and polls since participants are chosen more at random and are generally more diverse.

Tips for creating a vox pop

Location, location, location.

A busy weekend street = good, as you’ll find lots of people. You’ll want a selection of willing passers-by to get the right representation dependent on your goal.

Watch out for extraneous noises however and keep a small footprint – you can’t obstruct the pavement or public highway.

Be prepared.

Ensure your camera and sound kit are ready to go – people are generally pushed for time and won’t wait!

Be open and transparent.

Make it clear what you’re collecting footage/quotes/photos for and why. Be transparent re. your intentions in terms of where you will be using the footage. Open ended, short questions are best

Keep your questions open ended, short and simple. Also, be sure to be consistent in your questioning so that the responses make sense when you come to edit the footage together

Get consent.

This is a biggie, especially in this day and age – but a simple verbal recorded ‘opt-in’ is normally sufficient an answer to clarify their willingness to be featured in whatever outcome you have in mind. For more complex situations a simple release form and signature can be used.

Vary your angles.

Keep the vox pox visually appealing with altering camera angles, shot sizes and background scenes.

Record more than you think you may need.

Few people speak succinctly, and in their eagerness to help may give you waffle as well as magic moments.

Speak to us today about your video needs – it could be that a vox pop is just what is required to help your campaign stand out from the crowd!

How long should my videos last

How long should my business videos last?

Whilst the answer is not quite the same as “how long is a piece of string”, the right length for your business videos does depend on several factors. These include the type of business video you are producing; what you are hoping to achieve from your video; where it ‘sits’ within your sales process and where the video will be distributed.

One thing that generally remains constant however is the short attention span enjoyed by most human-beings. And as the number of distractions increase, especially online, this has unsurprisingly had a big impact on video views and engagement levels.

Understanding this impact is important, but of more importance to marketers and those involved in video production, is the way in which we can mitigate this, and ensure that any videos that are produced remain engaging, effective and provide real return on investment, whatever their length.

What type of video are you producing?

As you might expect, certain ‘types’ of video lend themselves better to certain formats and timings. Internal training videos or software demos for example, aren’t likely to be of much use if kept ‘short and sweet’. In contrast, video adverts, particularly if used on social media, will need to be concise and impactful rather than long-winded.

“marketing videos should be as long as necessary, and as short as possible”

When it comes to ‘explainer’ videos or product overviews, one of the most common forms of video used today, it pays to keep it simple. These types of videos are designed to demonstrate the simplicity of the product or service you are promoting and lead the viewer through straightforward steps towards solving their problem.

A long video of this nature ‘cancels out’ that implication and is likely to leave the viewing feeling like there is ‘too much’ involved for them to take it any further. So we’d recommend keeping these sub 90 seconds.

Where the video will be distributed?

As mentioned above, videos shared on social media platforms are generally shorter in duration than those displayed on a company website or intranet. However, it’s not as cut and dry as you may think. Different social media channels attract different types of audiences, so it’s important to take the platform itself into consideration.

The right video length for YouTube

Viewers are much more likely to watch longer videos on YouTube as opposed to on Twitter, which is famed for short, sharp posts that viewers can scroll through in seconds. Instagram, similarly, lends itself to shorter videos, whilst over on Facebook, you would be wise to stick to 60-90 seconds.

“YouTube defines a ‘short’ video as 4 minutes or less and ‘long’ as
over 20 minutes”

Customising your video length to each channel is likely to yield better results, so bear that in mind when filming or developing graphics.

If you are producing a video for an exhibition or trade show, again, consider how the video will be viewed – if too long, you risk over-crowding at your stand, if too short, you are unlikely to see much engagement or return on investment.

What are you hoping to achieve from your video?

Rather than focusing on the length alone, it’s important to focus on the content and purpose. If you can get your point across in a short period of time, do. Don’t elongate a video simply to fill time – that’s a sure recipe for losing your viewers as well as your meaning.

Whilst research shows that engagement can drop after 2 minutes, it also shows that there is not much difference between a 30 second and a 90 second video* so don’t feel as though you ‘need’ to keep to 30 seconds each time – give yourself the room you need to ensure that you are communicating the right messages and enticing your viewer to take action.

Bearing in mind the potential drop off the longer a video continues, ensure that you grab viewers’ attention from the outset. Make it clear what they will gain from watching the video and what they should ‘do’ afterwards.

Don’t leave the ‘important stuff’ to the end – this includes your call to action.

The Golden Rule on video length?

Understand the factors involved and be mindful of length, but above all be concise, be relevant, be clear about your message and don’t dawdle before getting to your point.

If you can make your videos shorter and make all the same points, then do. But don’t lose sight of your audience, your platform and what you are hoping to achieve from your business video – stay true to your intentions and the duration will inevitably take care of itself.

For expert guidance on producing business videos that meet your goals, contact us today on 01787 378422 or email .


SGA business video trends

2018 video trends your business needs to know about

Now that the glitter has settled on the Christmas & New Year festivities, it’s the time of the year that many businesses look forward to – getting stuck in and implementing their carefully planned 2018 business and marketing strategies.

Plans and goals are one thing. But what about solutions?

Video is still the biggest and fastest growing trend on the block when it comes to valuable marketing and employee engagement tools. And it’s one that shows no signs of slowing down. We take a quick snapshot of some of the biggest trends in business video production for 2018…

Going from strength to strength

For those involved in product marketing all the fingers point to thinking broadly about how your videos are prepared and distributed. While YouTube remains the social network of choice for the medium, video distributed through LinkedIn and Facebook are stealing a march.

This may be down to the novelty factor, but more likely it’s the introduction of features like Facebook Live and Facebook Watch that is heralding this new dawn of social media video marketing.

The ability to live stream video at the click of a button is a must in this continuously evolving, dynamic social space. Not only does live broadcasting on social media have real magnetic appeal, but it’s proving to provide real tangible value to brands who are able to communicate and engage with audiences like never before.

The ‘people game’

Over in the people business, gamified video is still finding its feet as an affordable solution. Integration of video into e-learning and marketing continues apace but there’s still a blurring of what interactive video can do. That’s why we’ve put a sample together to show you what can be achieved at an entry level.

Storytelling remains key

For SME’s and big business alike 2018 is definitely not going to be the year to be camera shy. A mix of self-created social media content and professionally produced short snappy videos is likely to be a good strategy for many – with storytelling the lead theme ahead of old fashioned corporate capability films.

Increasing legislation on drone usage

Aspiring drone enthusiasts need to be more aware than ever of new legislation limiting their use in a commercial application without proper training or a licence. The law states that anyone who wants to use drones commercially, i.e. for commercial gain, (this includes photographers) then permission is required from the Civil Aviation Authority. They will expect you to attend an accredited course that will train you and assess your ability to safely operate drones.

An evolution of DIY tools

It’s never been easier for those wishing to supplement their video marketing activities with DIY footage to do so. Budget wise, anyone considering or already making their own social media clips and stories in-house can invest in training and simple add-ons for smartphones such as a basic tripod, and a Rode plug-in microphone for good sound.

When it comes to adding music to your footage, Audionetwork  – the best source of library music on the planet – has dropped its prices, so you have a much more original set of tracks to choose from.

An increasing appreciation for the power of video

One thing is for certain, marketers and business owners across the board are increasingly recognising the true value of video, and for a business like ours, which has been signing from that hymn sheet for many years, this is great to see.

If you have £1500 and upwards to invest, you’ll be able to commission a professional production company with the experience and expertise to look at your business challenge or opportunity and turn it into a reality that wins hearts and minds.

And as 2018 officially marks our 30th year making business films and videos, SGA has that in spades.

Choosing guest host or speaker for event

How to choose the ideal host or guest speaker for your event

When it comes to hosting an event, whether this be an award ceremony, conference or other, having the right host or guest speaker can make all the difference.

If you get it right, the results can be electric. If you get it wrong, your event will be remembered by everyone for all the worst reasons.

Celebrity Speakers & Event Hosts

Using a big-name ‘celebrity’ of screen, stage or business excellence as a guest host for your event certainly adds an additional hook for attracting delegates. But with speakers of this ilk often entailing a substantial investment, it’s important to ensure you not only choose the right person, but that you get the most out of their involvement.

So, what are our top tips when going through the selection process?

1. Consider your audience.

Are your delegates evenly split between male and female? Is one age group more heavily represented than another? Do the demographics of your event attendees lend themselves to a particular type of host? Keep all of these in mind and, book the best person for them – not just because the CEO or MD is a fan.

2. Seek advice and suggestions from a trusted agent or booker.

Being a famous TV actor or business guru doesn’t make someone a good awards host or speaker. Get some testimonials from those in the know to ensure your ‘special guest’ doesn’t fall flat.

3. Ask the agent about their relationship with your chosen host

Agents are numerous and some will offer faces just to appear bigger and more capable than they really are. The best agents are trusted by the artists and genuinely earn their 20%. Don’t assume that because someone is on their list that they know them well.

4. Don’t just go for the ‘biggest name’.

The most expensive name or biggest celebrity isn’t necessarily the best fit for your event. Their presence in the room is what your people will take away with them, so don’t be afraid to go with lesser known personalities, if feedback suggests they can bring something special to your event.

5. Write a brief.

Prepare a comprehensive brief and make sure that every single one of your requirements are detailed in any agreement or offer.

Celebrity Event Hosts

The guest host with the most!

6. Speak to your guest host or speaker before the event.

Arrange a briefing call with the celebrity / speaker / host a week or two before your event. Any earlier than that isn’t worth it as it won’t remain fresh.

7. Learn from your guest host

Work with and take advice from the talent you’ve booked. You may organise one event per year, but they are probably doing this all of the time. Take into account their feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

8. Longer doesn’t = better

In our experience, longer on stage doesn’t necessarily mean better value. Think of it along the same lines as ‘quality not quantity’. Take advice from the person you’re booking and what works best for them.

9. Look after your host

Almost goes without saying. Make them feel looked after from the moment they’re on site. Even the most seasoned of performers can be as human and vulnerable on stage as the rest of us.

10. Say thank you!

Finally, make a point of following up with a personal thank you for a job well done. The best gigs aren’t forgotten in a hurry and it works both ways.

Having helped major brands and small businesses plan, host and capture their corporate events for over 25 years, we are well-placed to advise you on how to turn your plans into a memorable occasion for all involved.

Let’s talk on 01787 378422, or drop us a line here.

Keep your powerpoint presentations interesting

How to keep an audience interested in your Powerpoint presentation

Does your Powerpoint include lots of facts and figures?

If you have to deliver a long series of facts, remember that it’s not the facts and figures that are important, it’s the underlying meaning or outcome of those facts that will strike home.

With that in mind, it’s important to structure your presentation in such a way that your message will truly resonate with those who are listening.

Figure out what your ‘story’ is before you begin, and take the audience on a journey with you that will result in them taking the action you want – whether this is changing their mind about a particular subject, encouraging them to sign up for further education, or purchase a product or service.

This doesn’t mean you should start your presentation with “Once upon a time”, just that you should build it in such a way that the chronology of the topic is clear.

Avoid ‘death by Powerpoint’

Can you think of any ‘hooks’ or plot twists that can be shared along the way to keep the audience interested and highlight your key points?

Avoid death by powerpoint presentation - our tips

You might find that writing an initial ‘script’ away from PowerPoint is helpful before you go diving into slides. This is a useful exercise that not only enables you to plan your story in advance, but also allows you to refine your messaging, including cutting and rewording any sections you’re not sure about, before spending too much time fitting text to slides that you may not need.

We have helped to create hundreds of presentations for our clients so are pretty well versed on what works and what doesn’t. If you need assistance in writing your script, storyboarding or getting your timing right, let us know.

Recommended Agency - SGA

It’s official! We’re a Recommended Agency

We are excited to announce that we are now a recommended agency on The Drum’s Recommended Agency Register (RAR)!

The Drum is a global media platform and the biggest marketing website in Europe. It operates the RAR to ensure that brands have access to the best agencies in a range of different marketing disciplines, including video production and events management.

Getting on the list is only possible following positive ratings from a minimum of three clients for a particular service. Agencies are rated on a number of factors including client service and timekeeping, as well as their core offerings which for us includes video production, presentations and events management.

Sitting side by side with some of the most prestigious marketing agencies across the globe is the perfect gift in what is our 30th birthday year.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for rating us so highly – for us it’s not a chore however as we love working with you all!

More Info:

Role Play Video

Thinking about role play for your next company video? Here’s our tips for success.

Role play or drama can make key business points come alive. And you’ve a choice. Use your own people or professional actors.

While employees may know the role backwards, they’ll be restricted in front of a camera. Use an actor who has real life experience of the role and you’ve got the best of both worlds – an understanding of the role and the professionalism of what it takes to perform.

The reality of employment for actors is that only a quarter earn more than £5k a year from the profession they’ve trained for, and love. Most have second careers in the real world. For production companies like ours (and our clients) it means there’s a wealth of talent eager to perform, and amongst them there are people who get what it takes to role play, down to the tiniest detail.

Here’s our talent line up for a recent employee communications film for leading car retailer TrustFord. Can you spot the white van man (who is a white van man when not acting), the call centre employee, salesman and receptionist?

What’s more, don’t think that your commission isn’t worthy of attracting feature film talent. In the same video production we had actors who’d featured in The Lord of the Rings, Coronation Street and the Edinburgh Festival.

The outcome? A cast who are a dream to work with, as they know what it takes. For the client, a really efficient work stream that saves them costs and provides real authenticity for their audience.

In the words of our client. “The film gave me goose bumps. It is truly better than I can ever have expected. Thank you so much.”

Interactive Video Production

Interactive video

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will.”  A great adage for anyone involved in learning and listening. Continue reading

It’s all ticks at SGA

Fresh from organising and staging another successful event for TrustFord, the world’s largest dedicated Ford dealer group we’re delighted to get a big tick in the box from our client.Continue reading