Video interviews & testimonials are great for sharing knowledge and expertise

Video marketing's most powerful tools

Video testimonials and interviews can be very powerful tools for video marketing – if done well. You’ll find SGA highly experienced in this aspect of video production – and along the way we have filmed people from all walks of life. It’s highly rewarding but not always as simple as it may seem.

Often as not the key is preparation and you will find that we make any interview set-up relaxed and conducive to a good conversation. We will work with you to understand what it is you want to achieve out of every interview - then prepare and polish a story or line of enquiry and look after all the details.

Presentations  & Interviews

Add impact & personality

Working with company presenters in an interview or to-camera can be the best approach for some situations and we have a range of creative ways to add impact and personality to your video. This can involve selfie-sticks, doggie-cams and GoPro action cameras as an alternative to questions, autocue and on-camera teleprompting.

For those using a teleprompter for the first time we will provide you with all the necessary help and guidance so that your presenter comes across with authority and the message is well received.

'Vox Pops' - video on the go

For clients looking to get street opinions from the public, for target marketing and consumer brand research SGA has a wealth of specialised experience in making vox pop videos. By engaging with members of the public and with flair and determination we can deliver incisive and often entertaining content to support your product launch, branding project or everyday consumer research.

Add credibility to your message

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