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2018 video trends your business needs to know about

Now that the glitter has settled on the Christmas & New Year festivities, it’s the time of the year that many businesses look forward to - getting stuck in and implementing their carefully planned 2018 business and marketing strategies.

Plans and goals are one thing. But what about solutions?

Video is still the biggest and fastest growing trend on the block when it comes to valuable marketing and employee engagement tools. And it's one that shows no signs of slowing down. We take a quick snapshot of some of the biggest trends in business video production for 2018...

Going from strength to strength

For those involved in product marketing all the fingers point to thinking broadly about how your videos are prepared and distributed. While YouTube remains the social network of choice for the medium, video distributed through LinkedIn and Facebook are stealing a march.

This may be down to the novelty factor, but more likely it's the introduction of features like Facebook Live and Facebook Watch that is heralding this new dawn of social media video marketing.

The ability to live stream video at the click of a button is a must in this continuously evolving, dynamic social space. Not only does live broadcasting on social media have real magnetic appeal, but it's proving to provide real tangible value to brands who are able to communicate and engage with audiences like never before.

The 'people game'

Over in the people business, gamified video is still finding its feet as an affordable solution. Integration of video into e-learning and marketing continues apace but there’s still a blurring of what interactive video can do. That’s why we’ve put a sample together to show you what can be achieved at an entry level.

Storytelling remains key

For SME’s and big business alike 2018 is definitely not going to be the year to be camera shy. A mix of self-created social media content and professionally produced short snappy videos is likely to be a good strategy for many – with storytelling the lead theme ahead of old fashioned corporate capability films.

Increasing legislation on drone usage

Aspiring drone enthusiasts need to be more aware than ever of new legislation limiting their use in a commercial application without proper training or a licence. The law states that anyone who wants to use drones commercially, i.e. for commercial gain, (this includes photographers) then permission is required from the Civil Aviation Authority. They will expect you to attend an accredited course that will train you and assess your ability to safely operate drones.

An evolution of DIY tools

It's never been easier for those wishing to supplement their video marketing activities with DIY footage to do so. Budget wise, anyone considering or already making their own social media clips and stories in-house can invest in training and simple add-ons for smartphones such as a basic tripod, and a Rode plug-in microphone for good sound.

When it comes to adding music to your footage, Audionetwork  – the best source of library music on the planet - has dropped its prices, so you have a much more original set of tracks to choose from.

An increasing appreciation for the power of video

One thing is for certain, marketers and business owners across the board are increasingly recognising the true value of video, and for a business like ours, which has been signing from that hymn sheet for many years, this is great to see.

If you have £1500 and upwards to invest, you’ll be able to commission a professional production company with the experience and expertise to look at your business challenge or opportunity and turn it into a reality that wins hearts and minds.

And as 2018 officially marks our 30th year making business films and videos, SGA has that in spades.

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