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Live events are here to stay

Time was when people predicted the end of live events, as webcasting and teleconferencing would conveniently replace the need and expense of travelling to one point. How wrong they were. That’s because we’re human animals, we thrive on being social – as the success of social media testifies.

More and more people are looking for more than a passive event, it’s the experience they seek. Often as not both pre-recorded video and live video streams play a part in delivering that excitement.

Mix in social media video, Facebook and Twitter feeds and your live event video experience becomes truly immersive and one for sharing anywhere you choose.

Pre-event production

Ask us about creating stunning scene setting opening sequences that set the tone for your meeting, introducing key themes and stimulating involvement.

Speaker support videos can be very useful to introduce topics or provoke debate. Why have quotes on slides when you can actually watch testimonial videos from customers or key members of your teams?

Even a short video can inspire or provoke, amuse or frame tough questions to really help bring your session to life and make it that much more memorable.

On-site production

With on-site video production we can create videos during your event. You might want to set the scene by interviewing guests and playing out their comments during proceedings. Or playing back highlights of the day as a reprise.

In this way near-immediate responses to the content, the day, the whole event can be put on screen to emphasise points or raise a smile. We’re not just social animals, we do love seeing each other as being part of the big picture.

Location Filming, Conferences & Events

Content harvesting

Organising a conference or company event takes a big effort – we know, we produce them for our clients and you can really make the most of having your people in one place by capturing content for all sorts of future internal communications in the most efficient way.

How often can you film all your key people, clients and other stakeholders - with a single setup, and one cost?

We can, for example, set up a green screen studio in a meeting room at your event and add different backgrounds for the finished videos. Without the need to change location we can shoot many interviews or spoken pieces to camera in a single day - something that would normally take days of travel, cost and organisation.

Get maximum impact from your live event

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