Stakeholder Films: Bring to life local issues, stories and opportunities

A local initiative to promote? A key policy to communicate?

You will find SGA has the experience to help and the depth of analysis to make your video succeed.

Uppermost in our mind will be your objectives; we will draw on our resources to match your message with the outcome you’re looking for. And because we are not tied to any particular way of working anything is possible – from interviews, testimonials and vox-pops to graphics and animations of your vision, brought to life.

We have assisted organisations such as IBM and Serco win valuable local government contracts, helped agencies in illustrate policy proposals and worked successfully alongside charities and other voluntary organisations to win hearts and minds for their cause.

Bring to life local issues, stories and opportunities

Asking the right questions is paramount

Every situation is different, but often as not we achieve success in this field by asking the right questions and matching the right solution to your audience after putting the time and effort into understanding what it is that will win the day or galvanise opinions.

The creative approach can be as informal or as conventional as the situation needs but by mirroring the expectations of the viewers in the look, feel, sound and creative direction of each video is completely bespoke to you.

Use our experience to your advantage

Video Production in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge & Norfolk