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Make sure your brand message and values pop from the screen with show-stopping PowerPoint presentations
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Looking to captivate an audience?

Delivering business presentations to a live or an online audience can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Yet presentations are often a staple aspect of business life. Therefore, if the success of your project, fundraising activity or financial bid relies on one, it's worth getting help from experts.

The key to a great presentation today isn't necessarily just a snappy PowerPoint or Keynote show. Although of course, these can play an important part. SGA offers a range of creative options that will enable you to blow the minds of your audience, without blowing your budget.

Simple ways to make your online presentation memorable can include best practice training and advice on using the likes of Zoom and Teams. We work with video podcasting and meeting apps like Meetoo. Resultingly, these involve people in your message, break down barriers, spark interest and two-way conversations.

Our experience is diverse. Of course, we produce great slides and photography to interactive presentations. However, we also create high-impact videos, 3D and 2D graphics, webinars, brochures, podcasts, and more. As a partner, we will help you deliver exceptional impact to support your goals.


Get creative

We craft presentations that create a real impact and change perceptions.
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We create business presentations with impact

Scripting and Timing

Before you get in front of your audience, whether in person or on screen, it's important to know what it is you want to say and how you want your audience to react once you have said it.

We have helped to create hundreds of presentations for our clients, so you can be sure that we are well versed on what works - and what doesn't. If you need assistance in writing your script, story-boarding, or getting your timing right, let us know.

Choosing your medium

From onsite multi-media presentations to online videos and webinars that drive traffic to your site, or live social media video streaming that helps you connect to new audiences, we can help you determine which medium fits the bill - guiding you through the minefield of information and options that exist.

Discover how professional, cost-effective presentations can really make an impact.

“SGA delivers first time, every time.”


With SGA you will get exactly what you've asked for and they’re very, very approachable. If you've already got an internal comms person in your business, then SGA are great to do all the big support around that, and they deliver every time.
Trust Ford
SGA can handle what is thrown at them – they filled us with confidence they can deliver.
BBA Aviation
Green King
They are good at working around issues, and attention to detail – getting under the skin and thinking of everything.
Greene King
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