Recruitment videos

Using a recruitment video to become an ’employer of choice’

It’s a competitive world out there. Gone are the days when employers could pick and choose who to recruit and when. So in a ‘buyers market’ where employees are in control, what can companies do to ensure they stand out as an employer of choice?

‘Seeing is believing’

It’s hard to beat video when it comes to showcasing what a company is really like – happy, engaged employees, welcoming workplaces and a culture of caring are just some of the employment aspects that video can bring to life.

Whilst recruitment websites, brochures and employment fairs all have their place, a video can enhance your recruitment strategy ten-fold by engaging potential candidates in such a way that they will actively seek you out – and who better to promote those messages than your very own people?

This ‘inbound’ approach is one that is increasingly adopted by successful, forward thinking businesses when it comes to their marketing; so it follows that the same approach can only mean good things when it comes to recruitment.

“Studies show that video appears in 70 percent of the top 100 search listings and videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to show up on the first page.”

Recruitment videos for an employer of choice

Corporate recruitment videos – our advice:

With this in mind we wanted to share with you some of the advice we’ve helped clients put into practice:

Planning your recruitment video

  • Define the objective of your video before you start
  • Get your messaging right – define how you different from others in your industry and why someone would want to work with you. Think about what message will make the most impact
  • Think about a good framework which tells a clear story or has a theme, for example A Day in The Life, an individual’s Career Progression or Meet the Team
  • Choose the most willing ‘stars’ for your film – never coerce or ’volunteer’ people to be involved – it’ll be a waste of your time and theirs
  • If you’re planning to feature or interview people on camera, look at what it means from their point of view and what they need to know in advance

Filming your video

  • Don’t be ambiguous or ‘Paxman-esque’ in your questioning, a good interviewer will make subjects feel like they’re just having a personal chat – and that way good content will flow
  • Use phrases such as ‘family’ and ‘team’ rather than staff
  • In a similar way, keep the technical side simple – consider selfie stick video and familiar camera technology rather than News at 1.
  • Remember, ‘familiarity breeds trust’ so footage of premises, surroundings and putting faces to names all helps build a clear picture
  • ‘Make it personal’ and demonstrate the work-life balance that’s true to your company

Getting the most from your recruitment video

  • Have a distribution strategy in mind think about where your target candidate will be searching, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook page etc. Add the video to your website
  • Include information about how people can apply to work at your company
  • Like everything, ensure consistency and relevance in all that you do – reflect the true nature of your organisation otherwise all the hard work that’s gone into the recruitment video will be wasted once they turn up for interview!


SGA are proud to serve TrustFord, a Sunday Times Top 100 Best Big Company to Work For, and Greene King Pub Partners, winner of the Publican Awards Best Tenanted and Leased Pub Company.

Here’s a teaser from a video we shot for for TrustFord and what they had to say about it!

“Showing candidates a glimpse of their future roles has become so much easier with our new Day in the Life films. SGA took the time to really understand our vision and crafted it into an engaging reality which captures the essence of what it’s like to be part of the TrustFord Family.”

Vicky Thornton,  HR Support Manager TrustFord