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Role Play Video

Thinking about role play for your next company video? Here’s our tips for success.

Role play or drama can make key business points come alive. And you’ve a choice. Use your own people or professional actors.

While employees may know the role backwards, they’ll be restricted in front of a camera. Use an actor who has real life experience of the role and you’ve got the best of both worlds – an understanding of the role and the professionalism of what it takes to perform.

The reality of employment for actors is that only a quarter earn more than £5k a year from the profession they’ve trained for, and love. Most have second careers in the real world. For production companies like ours (and our clients) it means there’s a wealth of talent eager to perform, and amongst them there are people who get what it takes to role play, down to the tiniest detail.

Here’s our talent line up for a recent employee communications film for leading car retailer TrustFord. Can you spot the white van man (who is a white van man when not acting), the call centre employee, salesman and receptionist?

What’s more, don’t think that your commission isn’t worthy of attracting feature film talent. In the same video production we had actors who’d featured in The Lord of the Rings, Coronation Street and the Edinburgh Festival.

The outcome? A cast who are a dream to work with, as they know what it takes. For the client, a really efficient work stream that saves them costs and provides real authenticity for their audience.

In the words of our client. “The film gave me goose bumps. It is truly better than I can ever have expected. Thank you so much.”

Green King
They are good at working around issues, and attention to detail – getting under the skin and thinking of everything.
Greene King
They listen to our needs and tailor their service to us making it a very personal experience. Nothing has been too much trouble as they prove very flexible in all situations to find the right solution for us.
Sunny ChavdaSunny Chavda
16:15 17 Jan 22
Our business required a series of 8 videos to help market our Automotive Video Apps. Being a young business, we needed good quality videos at an affordable price. Many people can create videos but I was particularly impressed with the planning that went into the pre-shooting process. He listened to our needs, created scripts, found the perfect presenter and created amazing videos! Simon communicated clearly to ensure we were on the same page throughout the journey and his enthusiasm in helping me and my business is appreciated. If you want a personable, warm, professional company to showcase your products/services then please consider Simon and his team. It was an absolute pleasure working with you!
Rob GlenRob Glen
09:17 20 Jan 21
We needed to put together a 10 min video for a conference presentation at short notice. Simon was extremely helpful with lots of advice and tips to make it interesting and good quality. There was lots of back and forward discussion as we worked out the best approach, but everything was done to plan and I was very pleased with the final result.
Katrin HulmeKatrin Hulme
20:31 19 Jan 21
We worked with SGA to create an information and testimonial video for our digital health product. Really professional, responsive and helpful, which was very much appreciated on a tight deadline. Would thoroughly recommend.
Becky PaulBecky Paul
13:48 09 Jun 19
Would highly recommend SGA after they produced a highlight-reel video of a conference I co-ordinated. Great to work with and great video content.
09:47 29 Mar 19
Simon and his team were absolutely fantastic when the filmed some promo footage of my bands live music show. They were efficient, professional and the final product looked incredible. Would HIGHLY recommend.
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