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Producing Company Videos - Should you DIY or Outsource?

Do you really need to outsource your company videos?

In these heady days of mobile apps, YouTube tutorials and 'Video Marketing for Dummies' books (yes, really) you'd be forgiven for thinking that producing company videos is easy.

Sure there are some fantastic DIY tools out there which promise to turn budding beginners into professional video producers in a number of simple-to-follow steps. But what these can't do is tell you if you've even got the right approach in the first place, or ensure that your final masterpiece is going to work with your business objectives, rather than against them.

Jack of all trades, master of none?

At first glance, managing your business's video needs in-house may seem like the best way to save time, reduce costs and maintain creative control.

The reality is often a little different. We have witnessed many organisations waste valuable time and resources with internal staff who, with the best will in the world, can't quite get their videos to match their vision.

Don’t get us wrong, user created content can be fantastic in the right place, but marketing and ecommerce teams, and even administrative support teams are frequently commandeered to take charge of producing videos using their smartphones, video cameras and whatever desktop video editing services their IT department can provide.

What this results in is in-house staff spending much more time on producing videos than it would take a skilled and experienced professional - bumping up the total costs of production and taking them away from their core daily tasks.

In an increasingly competitive world... quality matters

Whilst it may have never been easier to 'do video', if you are hoping to recruit new staff, promote a new product, or reach new audiences, it's important to ensure that your efforts don't prove to be the weakest link in your otherwise carefully thought-out plans.

Low quality visuals, poor sound and muffled speech can turn viewers off quicker than you can shout "action!". It's for those reasons alone that it's worth employing the skills of a company who will always use the best equipment, latest techniques and professional finishing touches that make a video a success.

More than just video production

Production of a high quality business or marketing video isn't the only reason to consider turning to a video agency for help however.

A video production company has specialist knowledge of what works and what doesn't from its own client experiences. Using tried and tested methods and with the benefit of hindsight, an agency can not only act as an independent observer, but can advise you on the best ways to ensure your message is clear and your intended audience is compelled to act.

"Any video production company worth its credentials don't just 'do video' - they work with you strategically to ensure your videos align with your business goals and provide a measurable return on investment."

Working with you in a strategic partnership is when the real magic happens. Through gaining a thorough understanding of what you are aiming to achieve, your audience and desired outcomes, coupled with industry know-how, an experienced video agency such as ours is perfectly placed to transform your vision into a tangible, hard-working video that continues to play its part in your business growth long after the cameras are put away.

And with additional support available in the form of story-boarding or script-writing, it's certainly worth partnering with a knowledgeable agency who will act as a valuable extension of your in-house team.

Top 10 Benefits of outsourcing company videos

  1. Save time and money, particularly if you don't have the in-house skills or expertise
  2. Gain a fresh perspective on your business problem
  3. Benefit from access to the best equipment, professional voiceovers, animators, script-writers etc
  4. No need to buy and upgrade expensive equipment
  5. Free up in house staff whose skills can be put to better use
  6. Production of a professional, high-quality product with cut-through
  7. Increased likelihood of success through third-party insight and experience of 'what works'
  8. The focus of dedicated specialists who are up to speed on the latest developments and technology
  9. An independent, objective 'sounding-board' for ideas
  10. Versatile, shareable, video content re-purposed for social media, internal comms, websites or email marketing.

An independent video production company based in the East of England, we have been creatively bringing our client's ideas to life for over 25 years. So whether you already have an initial concept for your corporate video or need help to develop your ideas further, give us a call and use our experience to your advantage!

You may also wish to take a look at our showreel if you are seeking some additional inspiration...

Green King
They are good at working around issues, and attention to detail – getting under the skin and thinking of everything.
Greene King
They listen to our needs and tailor their service to us making it a very personal experience. Nothing has been too much trouble as they prove very flexible in all situations to find the right solution for us.
Sunny ChavdaSunny Chavda
16:15 17 Jan 22
Our business required a series of 8 videos to help market our Automotive Video Apps. Being a young business, we needed good quality videos at an affordable price. Many people can create videos but I was particularly impressed with the planning that went into the pre-shooting process. He listened to our needs, created scripts, found the perfect presenter and created amazing videos! Simon communicated clearly to ensure we were on the same page throughout the journey and his enthusiasm in helping me and my business is appreciated. If you want a personable, warm, professional company to showcase your products/services then please consider Simon and his team. It was an absolute pleasure working with you!
Rob GlenRob Glen
09:17 20 Jan 21
We needed to put together a 10 min video for a conference presentation at short notice. Simon was extremely helpful with lots of advice and tips to make it interesting and good quality. There was lots of back and forward discussion as we worked out the best approach, but everything was done to plan and I was very pleased with the final result.
Katrin HulmeKatrin Hulme
20:31 19 Jan 21
We worked with SGA to create an information and testimonial video for our digital health product. Really professional, responsive and helpful, which was very much appreciated on a tight deadline. Would thoroughly recommend.
Becky PaulBecky Paul
13:48 09 Jun 19
Would highly recommend SGA after they produced a highlight-reel video of a conference I co-ordinated. Great to work with and great video content.
09:47 29 Mar 19
Simon and his team were absolutely fantastic when the filmed some promo footage of my bands live music show. They were efficient, professional and the final product looked incredible. Would HIGHLY recommend.
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